Hol and Hubs Canoe Camp: Algonquin!

I have to admit, I was scared at the prospect of a long canoe trip, intense portage, and the glory of the infamous bathroom box. I have never canoe camped before and knowing that this is one of my husband’s absolute FAVOURITE things to do, I was slightly worried.
095My husband planned the whole trip for us (there were three couples) and obviously we had a nice canoe trip—nothing too laborous and the portage wasn’t so bad. I was incredibly enthusiastic about it (I surprised myself!) and by the time we made it to our campsite, the ice cold beers beer was completely worth it (and delicious)!
111We had a beautiful campsite and there were hardly any bugs ruining our lives (score!). We did make friends with a few chipmunks who enjoyed some treats of the badass trail mix I made…and then got into the whole bag and ate SO MUCH of it and got its little chubby body stuck in the bag (what a little greedy chippy!). So much for the most amazing trail mix I ever made; good thing I had a few bites before we had to chuck it. The upside? That chipmunk is KING in chipmunk-land; bringing home all sorts of goodies.
104We played games, sat around the campfire, drank some delicious coldies, and ate all sorts of yummy foods—I was most impressed with Saturday`s breakfast; potato, onion, bacon hash with layers of bacon weaved on top. You can never have enough bacon, am I right? Oh, and shoutouts to the cherry dessert pie irons. Have you ever had one? They`re essentially bread with butter and pie filling and cooked with a pie iron (you shove it into the coals and BOOM!); makes it one delicious pocket of goodness. I obviously didn`t take a picture because I was hoovering it into my mouth as fast as humanly possible…SO good! And camping isn`t camping without s`mores! I used blue birthday cake flavoured marshmallow peeps to celebrate our friend`s birthday, camping style. They were delicious.
102106108A highlight of the trip was definitely the rope swing the boys made! Everyone was flinging themselves off the rope into the lake right off of our site (and by everyone, I mean everyone but me…I`m a chicken!). I took some hilarious video footage of the fun and it makes me giggle everytime I watch it.

I had a terrific time spending days in the wilderness with some of the greatest friends; it was peaceful, beautiful, and a barrel of laughs. I can`t wait to go again!
103110It was the perfect trip to cap off a wonderful summer that flew by incredibly fast. I`m sad to see summer go, as it was a lot of fun but I`m hella-excited for fall!


Um, Hello!

Y’all! I know, I know. It’s been two months and a little since a NEW blog post. OOPS! Sorrynotsorry.

To be honest, summer has been hella-busy for both of the CH girls and rather than blogging…well, we’ve been enjoying the sunshine, crafting bits & bobs, styling parties, and loving our lives!

We are also in the middle of a massive re-branding and creative launch, which takes up a lot of time and requires alot of planning and organization, but is OH-SO exciting!

How is it August already though? Like, how?

And, I have a confession to make… I have FALL fever pretty hard right now. Hello scarves, leggings, & boots! Oh, and pumpkin EVERTHAAAAANG is totally my jam!

Ok, so obviously I am in FALL heaven in my head, but we are still in the best summer month E.V.E.R and I thought I would photo-dump share some sweet pictures of my sweet summer thus far:
160165144 124045051043061103146170264188057056050060247235234227I had a blast planning parties, eating too many treats and sweets, spending time with my family and friends, and loving on my sweet niece Aria (who is growing super fast and getting cuter by the minute!)

Ooh, blogging is F U N; I almost forgot how great this is!

XO Hol

PS This Saturday is the First Wedding Anniversary for the Hubs and I! Woohoo!

Champagne Hearts HEARTS Evolve Hair Studio

Ask anyone, I have always been a very girlie girl. I love it. Since I can remember, I have always loved getting my hair and makeup done. I have mastered my makeup routine down to a 10-minute work of art (especially in super early mornings and sometimes on the occasional bumpy car ride) and I have been incredibly lucky to have found a team of fabulous ladies who know how to rock my hair. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

It is not uncommon for me to go into detail with co-workers and friends on how my hair is as fabulously coloured and cut as it is. And as much as I would love to tell them, “It’s all natural darling, I woke up like this.” That would be an incredibly huge lie.

I know, I know, you were all thinking my hair is naturally blonde and ombre-d to perfection, sorry.

It isn’t and that’s okay. I have such a fabulous team of ladies at Evolve Hair Studio that work their magic and I have such a lovely time every appointment. Evolve is so on trend, innovative, and fun; I always feel like I`m visiting friends for a fun afternoon of catching up (and great hair).

I have known Jody & Sonia for many years now and I am so incredibly happy and proud of these wickedly talented ladies for pursuing their dreams; they are a force to be reckoned with and truly inspiring. And did I mention they are total hotties?!

As Alexandra and I are new business owners & totally inspired by all things beauty, I sat down with these darlings to talk about evolving, business, style, summer hair trends, and being eco-friendly.

Don’t forget to follow them!
*on instagram @evolvehairstudio
*on twitter @evolvehairstudi
*on facebook (Evolve Hair Studio)


Who is Evolve? What is your purpose?
Evolve Hair Studio was established in April 2011. We wanted to create a space to provide our clients with an environment that made them feel right at home. By paying attention to the small details and taking the time to connect with our clients, this leaves them confident and knowing they’d be leaving chic and polished.1459238_485825018199357_993406757_n(1)As the studios founders, we really wanted to have a space that allowed for next generation stylists to come and grow with us, while we teach them our tricks of the trade from our 10 years experience.1235422_452404514874741_1180021035_n(1)

How did you meet?
We met working together at another downtown salon and ended up working together side by side for just over 3 years.

How did you know you wanted to start your own business?
We did a hair competition together. The chemistry was pretty instant and we were very much on the same page in regards to our mutual respect for each other and our love for the industry, which also allows us to compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a really positive way.

We were really eager to create our own cycle that allowed us to nourish our sense of inspiration and growth.

What role do you each take on?
Jody heads the Color department, while Sonia leads the haircutting – we work really well as a team and we just have fun with it.

Who does YOUR hair?
Jody: My beautiful partner Sonia!
Sonia: And the lovely Jody does my hair!

What is the craziest cut/color you have done?
Sonia just entered a cutting competition for the 2014 Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Artist and the cut and color was out of this world! She really focused on lots of undercutting and straight lines, with bold coppers and reds.photodfsfs 1(1)

Have you ever done any celebrities hair?
Not yet, but we have no doubt we will in the future.

What are some of your favorite spots in the city?
We’re really big fans of: Spirithouse and bar Isabel

We’re also really active and love Joe Rockheads. We went there last summer for a team building day and had a great time and love how close and convenient it is.

What products do you personally use?
We use Kevin Murphy in the salon and on ourselves. We love it because it does what it says and says what it does. It leaves your hair feeling silky and nourished and has none of the harsh chemicals and GMOs you find in most hair products.

Who should get bangs and who shouldn’t?
It depends – we think everyone has the face for bangs. It just has to be the right bang and done properly.

What are the hottest hair trends for the summer?
Some of the hottest trends for colors are beautiful caramelized blonds, sombre (subtle ombre), and soft pastels.
For cuts, short hair is really in – the long bob, any bob really, and lots of rounded fringes.421916_418157591632767_818042123_n(1)

What is your favorite hair era?
We love styling vintage inspired looks, but we think right NOW is the best era for both cuts and colors.

Today’s trends really emphasize a great synergy between all the previous eras, but fresher emphasis.

It’s also a great era because there are so many options when it comes to temporary accessories and add-ons to freshen up your looks – from hair chalking to extensions, there are so many ways to keep your look fun without any long term commitments that can potentially damage your hair.

Where did you train?
Jody: I did an apprenticeship and kept up my coloring skills by taking lots of classes and trying out new techniques during my free time.

Sonia trained at Marvel and under Vidal Sassoon. She also took various cutting classes to perfect her skills.

Updating our education is very important to us. We take at least 2 – 3 classes a year to stay up to date and encourage our staff to do the same.

Who is your inspiration?
I have many different stylists that inspire me, but I really love Kim Vo right now – I just took a class with him and it was amazing. Angelo Seminara is definitely one of our other favorites.

Do you do events?
We love doing events, whether it’s teaming up with others or throwing one of our own.

In terms of actual events in the salon, we love hosting bridal parties and have been known to host a few events inviting the neighborhood to come celebrate big milestones with us.

In terms of events outside of the salon, we offered our services to 20 women from a local women’s shelter last year. We also collaborated with Schwarzkopf and local restaurants making their holiday special. Being able to provide them with a service they don’t normally do like their haircuts and colors along with a full makeup service felt incredible both for them and us.

Are brides super scary?
Knock on wood—all of our brides have been beyond lovely. It’s the best feeling making that person feel special on her beautiful day

What is one trend you cannot stand?
Exposed bangs, bad ombre, and anything done poorly!

What is the key to hair growth?
It’s really important to get regular trims every 6 – 8 weeks. Great quality shampoo and conditioner and not sleeping with wet hair are also key, and NO FLATIRONS!!!

What are your thoughts on extensions?
Extensions are the best accessory and so much fun! We love working with Great Lengths – Jody is our extension master!

What are some superfoods for great hair? What can we do from the inside out?
Some super foods that promote healthy hair growth are anything high in omegas – fish or nuts. Coconut oil is also phenomenal, not only for your hair but also for your skin!

Tell us about your environmental impact.
Our industry produces a lot of waste so we do our best to minimize that. We work with a company called Green Circle Salons who picks up our hair and aluminum foils so they don’t sit in land fills. We also provide a recycling program for all our clients who purchase Kevin Murphy shampoos, allowing them to bring their bottle back for up to 3 refills for half of the price.

We also plan to be switching to energy efficient lighting upon our renovations in the near future and are in the process of ensuring that all of our chemical waste is disposed of properly.

We also make sure to use ecofriendly-cleaning products to clean the salon.

In the end, everyone’s a winner!


Hol and Hubs do the West Coast: Arizona.

After the most exhausting and dehydrating trip to Vegas, it was such a chore/blessing to get out of Sin City and drive to Arizona! The hubs and I stopped off at the Hoover Dam first and it was INCREDIBLE. Very crazy to see and so glad we did. I mean, it is MIND BLOWING how this was man-made…213 135 136After our short visit to the Hoover Dam, we drove 4 hours to the Grand Canyon. I was very excited and this trip was definitely bucket list material! Not only did I do some driving of the Prius (go me!) but we made it at the perfect time to take pics. I would’ve loved to see the Grand Canyon during sunset but as soon as we saw it and basked in its incredible glory, we still had a good 4 hour drive to Phoenix. Oh, so much driving.

The Grand Canyon was BREATH-TAKING! I feel there are not enough words to describe how remarkable it is in real life. I felt like I was living in a painting; it was the coolest work of art I have ever experienced, and the fact that it remains untouched (other than the hiking and camping trails) blows my mind. I am beyond ecstatic that I was privy to experience it and especially with my handsome hubs. 138137We loved it. The colours! Ahh–if you haven’t experienced it first hand, I really urge you to do so!

After having our minds blown, we drove to Phoenix (I drove while lip-synching/dancing to Britney Spears) and it was so nice to finally check-in and have a good old snooze after a long day of driving and being in the sun.139140Phoenix was hella-hot. Like, reallllllll desert-like. I loved it and appreciated every ounce of Vitamin D I could get. The hubs and I did some shopping, happy hour-ing, and we even went to a movie! 141 142144As exciting as this 12-day trip was and sad it was that this trip was coming to a close, we were pretty excited about going home. I missed my bed and our cat, Charles.

Aaaaand to make me even more homesick, we had the most turbulent flights home that I literally thought I wouldn’t end up back in TO in one piece…it was devastating. There was nothing I wanted to do more than land in the Big Smoke—I wasn’t even concerned about the jet lag (which did end up kicking my butt!).

Obviously we made it home and it was a great adventure!

The hubs and I had a blast & we are already planning our next big vacay…maybe NYC for our one year wedding anniversary (ya that’s hella-crazy too…).

Thank you SO much for following along with me on this great trip! I adore each and every one of you for taking the time out to read and enjoy!
XO Holly

Hol and Hubs do the West Coast: Vegas.

Sin city. I’ve been having a hard time writing this post and I don’t know why.

Maybe because it was 5 days and 4 nights of the most fun with my most favourite people.
Maybe because everything in Vegas was such a whirlwind.
Maybe because of the late nights, the laughter, the gambling, and the cigarette smoke-filled casino memories of the majestic MGM grand.

Maybe because it was so great that I don’t know how to put it into words.

There was 13 of us celebrating the dearest MOB’s Dirty Thirty Birthday. Thirteen of the most hilarious, beautiful, and genuinely fantastic people ever. In Vegas.

There was hot tub time, lazy river time, pool parties, and the ultimate hot tub party in our very own private cabana at the Hard Rock Hotel. We gambled, we danced, we ate, and we drank.

So, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas BUT here are a few sneak peeks of the amazing week we had celebrating friendship and one of the most talented and wonderful friends I have, MOB.
112             ^ gotta love a lil IN&OUT pre-Vegas snack.119117114128 121134 131127 126 125 124It was the trip of a lifetime, and you know the saying, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Except the blisters…and my pink hair. That lasted well into Arizona!


Hol and Hubs do the West Coast: Pacific Coast Highway & LA.

After our amazing three days in San Francisco, it was time to get into our sweet rental Prius hybrid (yay eco-friendly and smartcars!) and venture down the coast to Los Angeles.

The Pacific Coast Highway is an unbelievable trip in itself—I am so lucky to have a pro-driver husband who rocked the drive and all the twists and turns the road provided. I really urge y’all to do this epic drive at some point in your life—the views! Ah! SO unbelievable.

Before we left SF, we made a quick last stop to Noah’s for one last wonderful bagel and coffee combo and down the coast we traveled.024First stop was Santa Cruz; a sweet beach town. We stopped, visited the beach, and overlooked the pier (all before 9am!).102026Carmel was next. And what a beautifully rich and lush beach town this was. So quaint but had massive personality—if we weren’t pressed for time, I definitely think that a night in Carmel would have be hella-romantic.032 033 034We spent quite some time in our good ol’ Prius (we miss her!) and driving through Big Sur was UNREAL. The trees were so tall, lush, green, and comforting. The drive through Big Sur was definitely a highlight for me—the trees were so old and the coastal views were spectacular. 041 040037 038036044The roads were twisting, turning, and right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The ocean was sparkling under the sun, elephant seals lived on rocks and made hilarious noises, and the textures of the ever-changing terrain were mind-blowing. It was larger than life and so simply beautiful. The hubs and I spent a lot of time just “ooh”ing and “ahh”ing over how gorgeous everything was.039103

just a few of my fav roadtrip snacks.

just a few of my fav roadtrip snacks.

In a sea of green hills, we literally drove up to an area where the most vibrant orange and purple flowers lived along the highway. I had to get out of the car and snap a few shots because it was just remarkable.043 042We drove through a few small towns. The first one was called Guadalupe and it looked like it was straight out of a Western movie set. It was wild. The second small town was not nearly as wild, but we drove through Oxnard specifically because my amazing Granny had spent some time there with my Grandpa while they lived on the Air Force Base many moons ago. I imagine it looked nothing like it did back then, and it wasn’t very exciting, rather boring to be honest.

The hubs and I stopped in beautiful Santa Barbara for dinner and enjoyed the sunset drive through Malibu and finally made it to the City of Angels. 045Los Angeles always gives me a butterfly feeling and I was so happy to make our way to my darling cousin’s house and visit with my family after a long drive down the coast.

We spent two days in LA and didn’t do much tourist-y stuff. I had already been to LA and didn’t want to do much sightseeing (and I don’t think the hubs cared either way) and we spent a gloriously sunshine-y day at Manhattan Beach. We played in the sand, chilled out, and had a delicious lunch with the fam. 105 104047046048049G & MOB have a sweet and sunny spot in Los Feliz and it was so great to enjoy a little BBQ at our besties’ new LA home. We spent the day laughing, drinking, and eating. Oh, and watching the Toronto Raptors‘ game seven vs Brooklyn Nets. Other than the loss of the game, it was the perfect BBQ.107111051110 109 108The hubs and I spent our LA evenings in my cousin’s backyard laughing, chatting, and sipping delicious drinks made by my cousin’s hubs—he made a mean amaretto sour. Deeeeelish.

It was a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles and I am so happy we had the chance to see Sof, Steve, and their sweet little elephant-obsessed cutie. I’m sure the hubs and I will be back for another visit soon.

After LA came Vegas. But that is a whole blog post in itself.

XO Holly

Hol and Hubs do the West Coast: San Francisco.

I know, I know, we’ve been back from our trip for almost a week and no blog posts! Well, I made a really great friend from this trip…called jet lag. Yes, the most annoying of friends and she seems to be vanishing from my life & I couldn’t be happier!

There is nothing more amazing than being on vacation with your favourite people. My hubs is such a great (and hilarious) travel partner-in-crime and he takes my craziness in stride, which I oh so appreciate. 014We started our twelve-day trip in San Francisco and after two crazy flights to get there, the hip vibe of San Fran welcomed us with sunshine-y open arms. 015004After so much chaos with delayed flights, missed connections, and mile-long customer service lines, all I wanted to do was curl into our hotel King and get some shut-eye. And then I walked into our hotel room. Hello 70’s slasher flick. The tub was straight out of Scarface. I was sure I would get be-headed. I learned a very wise lesson: always help the hubs choose hotels…021019I pushed back my hatred for the hotel of horrors and got some much needed sleep. We spent the next two days in SF enjoying the sunshine, the food (and drinks!), and the wicked cool vibe. I loved San Fran and I know the hubs did too! Here are the highlights of San Francisco (in no particular order):

023024026025Mama’s—the best brunch I have ever had (and that’s really saying something because brunch is my favourite meal, ever). Um, hello cranberry, walnut, and orange homemade bread FRENCH TOAST. Goodbye, whole30. The restaurant was sweet and the staff were phenom. If you are in the SF area, GO THERE. But definitely be prepared to stand in a small line to get a table…(I am not normally a line waiter but omg, SO WORTH IT).

047048The Golden Gate Bridge—what a gorgeous red! I have seen that Bridge so many times in movies and television, and it was so incredible to see it in real life. The best colour of red, too!

042041043031Giants game at the AT&T park!  A bucket list item for the hubs and we went all out. The hubs and I splurged on some sweet seats, the weather was perfection, and the Giants won! It was a blast & I dressed accordingly, duh.

029The house from FULL HOUSE—um. This was incredible. The house has a new paint job and a tree has been planted out front, but ahhh. My wonderful hubs made sure to google the address before we left on our trip because he knew I’d DIE to see it. And I did. Oh, have mercy!
062065078079080081082072 071 070San Francisco was full of fabulous architecture, landscapes, delicious food & drink:
055 057 BIG LOVE to Buena Vista‘s Irish Coffee^ ;
090 088 091 089Tacolicious‘ margaritas & tacos^ ;
085Noah’s bagels & coffee^ ;
067068069& Three Twins organic earl grey flavoured ice cream^ !

I am so happy we got to experience this wonderful city! I cannot wait to go back!

XO Holly

How to Properly Pack a Suitcase (or Die Trying)…

I read magazines & blogs as often as I juice (which as you probably know by now is ALL THE TIME) and I always find posts or Pinterest-inspired photos that depict the perfectly packed suitcase.

And I don’t know about you, but I am a packing scrambler. I get so incredibly excited about vacations that I hardly take the opportunity to pack wisely! I am ALL about the pre-vacation shopping and ensuring we have “everything” we need but I still always manage to scramble. I bring wayyyyy too much or wayyyyy too little or outfits that don’t really work together which results in wasted suitcase space!

For our 12-day West Coast Adventure, I figured I would share my insight on suitcase packing 101.

There is nothing more stressful than not packing the right shoes or too many pants and sweaters (most go unworn & again, take up A LOT of space!)…

And because I am a list-writer addict, I made a list of potential clothing pieces. I tried my best to predict my days: sweet casual day pieces that can transition into a darling evening outfit & sassy and fun pool-side clothes! Oh, and comfortable but stylish traveling attire—the hubs and I will be doing a lot of driving and there is nothing worse than sitting in a car in something that is super uncomfortable (do NOT get me wrong, this is not an OUT for you to wear a full BOCA sweat suit a la 90’s).

With that being said, I did wait until the very last minute to go over all my clothing options. I had my girl C over and she helped me narrow down: what was cute, what was a good overall piece, and what I would actually wear! Anddd we may have narrowed down eight pairs of shoes…

oh dear.

oh dear.

Anywayyyy, there are so many different methods to packing a suitcase—you can fold everything into one another and create a “box”-like effect of clothing or roll everything up into little bundles. I chose the latter.

I had ALOT of clothes to fit into my suitcase plus the eight pairs of shoes I HAD TO BRING and it worked out perfectly. I stuffed some shoes with socks and underwear to save room and help keep their shape & I put all toiletries that would be checked in large Ziploc freezer bags–these “toiletries” include my secret white girl creams & sunscreens…I am practically translucent, so a girls gotta be prepared!157 Oh, and don’t forget the accessories! I put those in Ziploc bags too! My accessory game is almost always pretty boho meets glam.
158I placed my shoes on top of the clothing and then buckled everything in! Phew! To be honest, I was so surprised I was able to fit everything into my case…yay. (Also, I added clutches etc to the top netted part of the suitcase, it is incredibly full…)
156In terms of my carry-on, I have a large Longchamp bag and I filled it with my favourite things & most needed things; my Nikon, Vogue, a steamy new read, my makeup, passport, wallet, a notebook, pens, and a few toiletries that are perfect when flying—cleansing cloths, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, deodorant, and a yummy EOS lip balm. 159My travel outfit is pretty easy and incredibly comfy. I chose my moccasins, black leggings, French Connection black jumper, my leopard print scarf, a grey cardigan, and my jean-jacket. Our flight is at 6am, which means our pick-up is at 4am and I definitely do not want to have to worry about squeezing into anything tight or restricting.
161Oh my goodness, I am super excited!!

Champagne Hearts is on vacay! Alexandra will be meeting me in Vegas & we have some brilliant (and hilarious) posts up our sleeves, so stay tuned! (Follow us on IG at @champagneheartsxo for all the hilarity!)

Oh, and I will be documenting my West Coast Adventure on my IG (@holbowman), so please feel free to follow along!

All packed & ready to flyyyyyyy.
160See ya on the West side!

XO Holly

Vacation Cannot Come Soon Enough…

Personally, I cannot think of anyone who doesn’t like to go on vacation.

adventureEverything is always better; you can relax, recharge, & my favourite part of any and all vacays, is being inspired.


Honeymoon-ing in Cabo.

Honeymooning in Cabo.

I find I am very often surprised by what inspires me; whether it is a gorgeous flower, children playing on the beach with no cares in the world, or the unknown yet familiar vibe of a local pub.
404I carry with me an intense love for the thrill of vacation—the outfits, the sunsets, the ease of conversation. Ugh, I cannot wait to get on the plane…well, sort of…

You see, I am not the best flyer. I like airports (I mean, how romantic!) and the traveling outfits (comfy meets cute—hello paparazzi!) but I HATE the take-off & the landing.

I get so weird. I think too much, “OMG, I’m in a large vessel that is about to carry me across the country IN. THE. SKY.”.

Anywayyyy , I have a routine down pat—a lot of breathing and squeezing the life out of the hubs’ arm/hand/anything I can squeeze anxiously and once we’re up, I’m good & happy to watch a movie, read my magazines or book, and write. I write lists mostly (I am slightly addicted to it).

The hubs and I leave Tuesday for our West Coast Adventure (SAN FRAN-LA-VEGAS-ARIZONA) and the countdown is on! I am super excited because I am bringing my big girl camera & am excited to have the opportunity to take photos! Oh hey there Champagne Hearts photoshoots, and Grand Canyon!

I should really get started on my packing! Wish me luck!


Bits & Bobs!

I was/am DYING to blog about creative & lovely things, so I thought it would be appropriate to share what I am currently crushing on.

I have been eye-ing this fantastic lippy, SNOB by MAC. I like its playfulness & the soft violet hue. I cannot wait to rock this hardcore on our West Coast Adventure. I feel subtly glam in this shade. It’s perfect for me!001

Shameless Selfie.

Shameless Selfie.

Tuesdays with Emily have become one of my favourite days of the week. I know, y’all are jealous that you don’t have a wickedly cute 4 year-old sister-in-law; she is the BEST.  We pretty much craft, dance, and play with animals; my favourite kinda Tuesday.

Matching wellies with my fav mini.

Matching wellies with my fav mini.

The animals were having a very important meeting. Cue 'Lion King' Soundtrack!

The animals were having a very important meeting. Cue ‘Lion King’ Soundtrack!

As you may have read my Whole30- Day Twenty-Two blog post, I had the pleasure of seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was so magical. The colours, the cinematography, the acting; Wes Anderson always delivers & I sat through that movie with a huge grin and was inspired throughout. I mean, the colours were just BRILLIANT!

Easter is coming up & I have always LOVED this time of year. I am currently working on a sweet table for my family Easter Dinner on Saturday and am so inspired by soft pastels, pinwheels, and my fabulous new Target goodies. I am crushing on all things Easter party.
055Easter has always been about celebrating time with family & loved ones. I remember one particular Easter when I was young and my parents made the ultimate Easter egg hunt for my sister and I. We had gold foiled chocolate eggs all over the hideous green carpet our living room and a trail that lead to my mother’s bookshelf that had a glass door. On the shelf were gold eggs and Disney’s The Pagemaster! Does anyone remember that movie?! I remember Sadie and I being so incredibly excited. Although now thinking back, that movie sorta frightened me…or bored me, cuz there were no princesses falling in love…

I cannot wait to create holiday memories and traditions with my own family. For now, I will craft a little something for the hubs and save myself a little bag of mini eggs for when I’m done my Whole30. Mmm.

I am also currently crushing on my NEW Juicer. It is the Juice Bullet made by Magic Bullet. It is small, it is mighty, and it makes fresh juice; it is the perfect first juicer. I think as I become more familiar with juicing (& possibly do a juice detox), I will vamp up my juicing machinery. But for now, it is perfect.


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